Welcome to the end of town

Located at the end of Kaumana in Hilo, Hawaii at just over 2000′ above sea level. Towns End is a small family operated farm where we are focused on organic and restorative methods to produce food for our family as well as a few other crops for fun and for commercial production.


Being in a tropical location gives us the ability to grow some of our favorite tropical plants. Lilikoi is a delicious fruit and the flowers are absolutely gorgeous. We grow two types of lilikoi that mostly run wild on the property. I want to try moving some into the trellises and see how they do in a more controlled environment.


Anthuriums also seem to do pretty well up here, so I will be trying my hand at growing a few different types of anthuriums.

Growing up, I had only ever seen them in red, but it turns out they grow in many different color variations, as well as two toned varieties known locally as “Obake”. I am looking forward to getting my hands on a few unique varietites and seeing if I can get them to multiply.


Follow our journey as we grow… 😉

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