Sugar Snap Peas

Whenever I walk by a seed rack at a garden store, I have to grab something. Usually I look around for something I haven’t seen before, but sometimes you just have to go with a classic.

Sugar Snap Peas are great in stir frys and salads. Or fresh off the vine. Plus, the chickens, rabbits and goat all love them too, so there really can be no waste.

I soaked the seeds overnight in captured rainwater, before sowing them into seed starting trays. I used a simple mixture of potting soil and native soil with a little bit of worm castings added in for good measure. Then watered them in with more rainwater. The seed packet said to expect sprouts in 5-10 days.

I started 16 seeds and in 4-5 days got 9 sprouts. I dont see any action in the other spaces, so I don’t expect the others to pop. Not a bad germination rate for a store-pack. You really never know what to expect.

Peas Out 

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