Two in the bush

Buried under rows of head high weeds and bermuda grass are the remains of once beautiful birds-of-paradise. These hardy tropical perennials look beautiful in full bloom.


Unfortunately, these birds have been neglected and overgrown for a number of years so they aren’t quite the bright thriving flowers they could be, but with a little TLC, I hope to get them back to their former glory.


Even being completely buried, some of the plants seem to still be alive. They are densely planted, making it difficult to weed between them, but a little elbow grease should do the trick.


It took a couple of hours to get to the base of the plants and expose whats left of them, but they are looking much better. I’m using this first row to get the hang of clearing around the birds without damaging them further. Once I have a handle on the process, I can move on to the other rows and really open these rows back up.

Here’s a look at what I was able to do so far:


There’s lots of work to be done, and I’m not content with the bird in the hand.

Back to the bushes I go…

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