Growing Miracles

Miracle fruit (Synsepalum dulcificum) is a truly unique plant that is native to West Africa. The berry of the miracle fruit blocks the sour flavor receptors on your tongue causing even the most sour food to taste completely sweet. The sensation lasts for about 30min after consuming the miracle berry allowing you to “flavor trip” by eating fruits and foods that are usually sour or bitter and get a completely new experience with them. For example, eating a lemon which would usually cause you to pucker up , would resemble something more like a lemonade or lemon sherbet.

I found a small miracle fruit seedling at a local nursery, and having heard tales of the berries flavor altering properties, I was determined to grow one of these for myself. About 2 months later, the plant is just beginning to bear fruit.

miracle fruitMiracle Berry Plant

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